Mar 30, 2011

New creation: How to gift wrap

You want to give gifts to your loved ones?, but confused the wrapper like what?, before I was creative with gift box wrapped in wool felt, this time there are other ways to wrap presents, which is easier to know, stayed with the content customized theme gift .  

Below, I give examples of wrapping two goods: Brooch and Apparel. Bros because the object itself was very beautiful brooch make visible from the outside, can we make of the former box, scissors the center, attach a clear plastic, combine ribbon and wool felt, so the beautiful gift box. Also adjust the color of wool felt moved at the contents of the goods. For clothes, I make gifts like cakes, fruits applied with wrapping paper and add the accessories are made ​​of wool felt like a strawberry, sweets, etc. creation idea of friends, do not be afraid.

Mar 7, 2011

How to Make a craft wool felt

Wool felt craft How to Make a craft wool felt
1. Creating a pattern
a) Image pattern on paper hvs b) Cut out the pattern image has been created in the image c) Glue the outskirts of pattern paper, then paste it into the cardboard packaging, why do we make of our patterns on cardboard?, because of hard cardboard, so that later when tracing the pattern on flannel would be nice and neat. My advice when you wear a pencil than a pen tracings. d) Cut out cardboard follow the pattern that has been traced, a pattern that has been attached to the carton can be used repeatedly.
2. Cutting flannel
a) Put the pattern that has made him over flannel b) Hold tight, cut fabric larger than the size of the pattern (about 2mm)
3. Tailoring flannel
Flannel is a short-fiber material Woll, not suitable woven, better if sewn by hand using a puncture feston, already many books on wool felt and its project-projeknya, please click the banner beside right, I find him for you, so you more easily to learn this craft wool felt self-taught, because I was self-taught, so you too can do it, buy flannel fabric in a child size (25x25cm) as many as four or five colors for learning, Flannel can be applied to beautify your clothes. For applications in large-scale clothes usually flannel. As in the header of my website to make a flower fairy in the garden, there are bees, rainbow. I combine these with application flannel shirt, embroidery thread, embroidery as well. Actually my website specifically for a felt wool flannel, but because the embroidery threads are still associated with wool felt, mungin I will discuss a little later.
After you sew, almost ¾ of the results of your craft wool felt, input dacron, dacron such as cotton (cotton synthesis) but like I mentioned before, if we craft filled dacron then when exposed to water, it will return to normal. Unlike cotton cosmetic. Dacron filling is required as a material for products flannel. Dacron gradually inserted into the hole in between 2 flannel with a skewer or stick. My advice dacron choose where to insert this in an inconspicuous place, so that later the results are more neat and nice. Sew back fill the hole after dacron enough room between the 2 flannel.

Crafts of wool felt part 2

Raw material supplies and equipment needed to make craft-craft Woll Felt like I mentioned earlier, can be found at stores that sell crafts or you can visit your trusted online store, for more details I gave the following description:
  • Flannel fabric in various colors, you can buy them in small sizes (25x25 cm) first as an exercise, a yard of flannel can produce about 40 pieces depending on size of the hair tie design.
  • Embroidery thread, embroidery thread choose matches the color of flannel or a matching color, according to my experience, an embroidery thread that consists of 6 strands of yarn, if you save a second strand of the stitches will be easily broken, if you use 6 pieces at once, a thick seam and no neat and easy to loose (loose), use three strands of embroidery thread, stitch you will blend with wool fiber felt, so strong. That's according to my experiences. Excess yarn embroideries than ordinary sewing thread is a softer texture in accordance with the nature of a soft flannel, what hope do we use the hands to make it necessary tidiness in stitches.
  • Dakron is a useful synthetic cotton to fill the inside of the creation of flannel for three-dimensional shape, my advice after you create a pattern on paper and then make the same pattern in wool felt, then sewing, reserving a little before stitching your creation is complete, to include dakron, then you continue to sew, why should dakron?, because if the craft we get wet wool felt, wool felt filled craft dakron will return to normal, in contrast with cotton fill, if exposed to water craft will not be back to normal.
  • Do not forget the beads to form the doll's eyes or other decorations.
  • You can add other accessories such as ribbon according to your tastes.